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OSS SwiftHow Swift won me

Since the launch of the iOS platform many years ago I’ve been seeing many of the ideas I had see the light of day. Interfaces and interactions that map into gesture and intentions made using software an act of pleasure. It’s still funny to me how people love to unlock their iPhones for no reason, it is also frightening how addictive it is.

A good app experience may translate company values as well as costumer service. A example of this is that some financial institution apps delay their transaction confirmation alert with a loading page. This helps the user to feel the importance of assuring that the transaction was made properly. It’s magical how some simple interactions help the developer communicate an experience to the user.

I also came into contact with a software architecture that made on boarding of new developers a learning experience. Cocoa is a front-end environment that has very strict policies about how to make things and enforces learning patterns by reading in many ways. It’s what sets itself apart from web development, the culture of reliability, readability and conciseness software that is built for lasting.

In the first paragraph I said my ideas for I’m very aware that abstract concepts need much work to become products. Many people have insanely great ideas every day, some of these ideas are put aside, some of them are acknowledged, but only a very few of those are developed and put to the test. The good thing about ideas, and science in general, is that every new idea leverages from its predecessors and usually pop in many minds at once.

The goal of my life is to make some ideas come true. Maybe the ones that I choose are not mine nor original but those worth pursuing. To help teams work on those ideas I choose to live on core concepts and tools, and the programming language of my choice has become Swift for it’s versatility, vibrant community and open development process.

I choose to be a Swift developer and pledge to contribute to the OSS community, today as a reader and consumer, tomorrow as a coder and writer. For this to come true I want to work in the industry creating interactive experiences that use as many design patterns as concepts as I can so that my code may be part of a conversation. The Toptal hiring network is the best choice as a hiring network for new talent that makes the industry a better place.